Remind me…lest I forget

“Tell me again, lest I forget who I am.  I need to remember the story, of how I fit into His plan. How He makes my  failures  His Glory…remind me.”  Abraham, David, Moses… Did you really wonder if the promises of God are true?  I see myself in your stories.

I’m listening to that Michael Olson song , as Sara Groves takes the harmony  and makes it heartbreakingly beautiful .

Prone.  That’s me.  Prone.  Prone to forget.    Prone to wander. Prone to listen to those who never knew.

I think that’s why I journal, and likely why I am here. I must remember, and sometimes that’s about reminding myself.

Music is the memory for me.  Music for me is like smell is for others.  What I hear is tied to experiences, so that when I listen to that song or melody again, even years later, the moment, even the feelings, return.  My journal is always in my lap, but never without my earphones in my ears.  I know that I feel God through the music, and I think I hear Him too.  My heart does anyway.

Of course I have my favorites.  We all do.  Cellos grip me every time.  Duets too.  Anyone who knows me well knows that duets will melt me almost immediately (note that I referenced Sara Groves singing with Michael Olson above). Musical scores from movies are often unforgettable.  So powerful is this way of speaking to my soul.

I heard a lullabye recently “All through the Night”, and was instantly transported back to my daughter’s rocking chair, with her safe in my arms in the middle of a cold Minnesota night.  Thank you, God, for memories long forgotten, where I can feel her baby skin and cuddle her in my mind.

Amazingly, I can often sing in prayer as well. Fluid, easy, effortless, draws me closer.  Vicky Beeching sings “Search Me O God”.  When I sing or hum along, I get it.  I just do.  And I can remember You.



2 thoughts on “Remind me…lest I forget”

  1. “my daughter’s rocking chair…” brought tears to my eyes…
    love your words and painted pictures and spiritual heart

  2. we all need to remember and music is one of the best tools for that. it reminds us that He took our sicknesses and gave us health, took out disease and our pain and gave us a reason to sing

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