Who do I look like?

I  know that I am a combination of beautiful things, and some not so very beautiful.

I know that my nose, for example, in profile looks just exactly like my dad.  To me, that is lovely.  I wouldn’t change my nose for anything.  Lots of people would.  Not me.  I like that I look like my dad. It says that I came from him.

I am developing a very worrisome crease between my eyes with each passing year.  This crease is exactly the same crease my sisters either already have or are getting.  We share this and we all detest it. We call it “the crevice”. This crease worries me more with each year which is probably why it is getting deeper. I think there is a spiritual lesson there somewhere.  Sigh.

I love getting together with my sisters for a million reasons, but one is because we all four share a common history, and we understand each other with a glance, a touch or a hug. I know these women and see them often in the mirror when I look at myself.  And yet, despite the fact that we all share the same parents and we all grew up in the same physical house, we are such different women, with remarkably different stories, different loves, unique views and personal experiences.

My thirsty heart longs for the God of my creation, to find why I am here.  I’m always on that search, and He is always clarifying for me.  Even in the smallest of ways, I am learning more and more to recognize that Voice that I love so much, speaking to my heart.  I long for a heart like His, and I want my story to be one that is a  beautiful series of moments that show me in step with my Father. Ultimately, I just want to look like Him.

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