Orchids and girlfriends and juice pops

The late afternoon sun is drifting in the window, and I’m convinced it’s almost Spring.  One of my dogs moves around the house these days, trying to find the sun and snooze with its slow, lazy walk from room to room.

I’ve been able to witness both the sun and the dog because I’ve been home sick this week, banished from work until I’m no longer a threat.  Although that sort of hurts my feelings, I’m obediently staying put, napping and reading.

I called a dear friend last night, frankly to complain about my condition. The thing about dear friends?  They care about our “conditions”, good or bad.  This particular friend?  This friend has seen me through far more than the flu.  This is the kind of friend that has walked with me through the end of a marriage, a health scare, an actual medical crisis, children challenges, dating re-entry, weight gain and loss, and everything else less and more important, from God to clothes to hair. This is the friend that doesn’t go away, no matter what I do or say. I can’t scare her off. I love her.  And she loves me.

She loved me today by coming over before 9AM.  That meant  I had on glasses and no makeup, yoga pants and a t-shirt.

After she plopped on a nearby sofa and we talked for awhile, she went home.  What she left behind?  An orchid plant, juice (with electrolytes, because she said I needed that), bananas, and frozen juice pops.

I’ve been sucking on frozen juice pops and looking at that orchid all afternoon.

My friend knows me.

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