I need them

All of my life I have had something I’ve only recently come to fully appreciate.

There is a strong set of memories in my mind of my mom saying things like “Don’t hit your sisters”, or “That’s your sister.  You need to love your sister.” My favorite, though: “She’s your sister.  She’ll always be your sister”.

My mom was absolutely devoted to doing whatever she could to encourage loving relationships between us.  I love my mom for that.  She longed for us to be dear friends, really longed for that.  She just wanted us to be each others best friends.

Guess what? We are dear friends.  Best friends.  Friends of the right hand.  How I love the look on my mom’s face when all of us are together laughing.  Her face is a mixture of pride, love, and just pure joy. Magic. Thank you, Mom, for your wisdom and rightness of desire here.

I called one of these incredible women last night, which I do when I need to share a secret or I need a hug from far away. I needed to hear her voice and I needed to talk and have her listen.  She just does that so well.  No judgement, but if I really think about that, judgement isn’t  necessary.  She knows me so well that there isn’t anything I’m going to say (or not say, for that matter) that would truly surprise her.

So much has been written on sisters…the relationships, the connection, the mystery of those ties. Not much, though, has been written on my sisters.

I have one sister that I can still make giggle out of control at a glance.  It’s ridiculous that we still do that, but we do.  I think, for me, it’s that I simply love the sound of her laughter. She makes her children laugh, which is a legacy they will always remember.  Filled with light, that one.  Another is elegant, well traveled, sophisticated , and yet would(and did) drop her life for another the moment of need. She did it for me, and I’ll love her forever for that.  She is selfless and kind, devoted and understanding, and above all utterly trustworthy.  The third? She has everything that we all want: beauty, grace, wit, the love of friends far and near, but above all, by far her finest attribute is her undying loyalty to those she loves. When you are on the receiving end of loyalty, that gift is absolute grace.

I love you, girls, and am so very glad to be #4.

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