Too Many Notes…

The noise of the day is really loud these days.  Sometimes I wonder how much is actually getting in, and how much capacity I really have to hear it.

I recognized that I might be in overload when I realized how many times I say “huh?”  or, more politely, “Excuse me?”.  Either I am truly losing my hearing or I’m at the outer edges of my ability to take in even one more thing.

Last night I stopped in to see a friend mid-evening.  Within minutes of my arrival, he was looking at me sort of curiously and gently saying “Shshhhh”.  In other words, it’s OK…take a breath in. Breathe out, and maybe even sit down.  It was a nice reminder that my pace is exceeding my skill to run that fast, speak that much, listen that closely.  So I snuggled into the sofa, had a glass of wine, and tried to put my smart-phone down.  That is reallllly hard.

Years ago, my then husband and I loved the movie “Amadeus”.  The line that has stuck with me after all these years is when Mozart and the King are speaking after an intensely beautiful concert given for the King.  The King’s critique?  ” It had….just….. too many notes!”

On any given Saturday back then, my list of to-dos around our house was enormous.  My former would look at the list, STARE at me, and say:  “Susan, seriously?…too many notes.”  He was right.

This is what I long for…lessons learned that span time.  I want to live sans too much of everything and not enough of being.

3 thoughts on “Too Many Notes…”

  1. It does sound like you need to take a moment and breath. Talk a walk and stare at a flower as the season changes into spring. Give yourself even 5 minutes a day to just calm the cacophony in your brain. I know it is hard to do, as I struggle to do that myself. But when I can, it makes things so beneficial.

    Thank you for visiting my site yesterday. I’ll be back to visit yours.


  2. I often think of that line – “too many notes” — when life is too full — and I think of you, too, because I’m pretty sure you introduced us to that movie!

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