How cool is it that the challenge that I am taking to blog with posts A-Z during April starts with A?  That means that I get to meander along on being awestruck.

Last night a friend called late.  She didn’t mean to call me; she meant to call someone else and “accidentally” called my number.  I hadn’t spoken with her in forever, and I just love the sound of her.  Her voice reassures me.  She has wisdom.  She loves people as they are, which means I knew I could be free to be me the minute I met her.  She always seems to have time for me, and is genuinely interested in my life.  The details do not escape her, which I think is incredible. It makes me feel valued that she remembers my details.

The flowers in my yard are happy that it’s Spring.  They have popped up, opened themselves up to the sunshine and warm air, and appear to be oblivious to the fact that my yard needs care and attention.  There’s another lesson there.  Look for it.

Someone in a group I am in recently asked me to come alongside them as they walk through something hard. That floors me. Astounding that anyone thinks that I might be a step further on this path and could hold their hand as they make their way. Of course, the gift is that this person is really helping me. I’m the stumbler.  I’m the learner.

No great wisdom or herculean strength here…just an intense desire to live wisely, love freely, and have a heart like Jesus. When I live in amazement, at the smallest of gifts or largest of miracles, and I allow myself to be where I belong in the universe, that feeling of being just struck with awe grows. Me NOT being God, and that God holds this whole crazy place in His capable hands, even when I can’t understand it, relieves me of all fear. Rest, child.

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