I use readers now.  Can’t believe it, but I do, and I have too many to count.  They are everywhere in my house, car, purse, work, and they’ve even been known to show up at friend’s houses, apparently anticipating that I might be back and need them :-)

If I try to read without them, I can do it, but it takes a lot of effort.  A lot. It involves squinting, and longer arms than I currently have. And I’m pretty sure it includes people laughing, or at least smiling at me.

When I came to grips with the fact  that I needed readers, I went out and bought a wardrobe of the cutest ones I could find.  That’s so girly, but it’s true. Lots of colors, lots of shapes, lots of everything. You see, this was actually secret wisdom, because little did I know that readers are shared! We share them when our girlfriends have forgotten theirs at home, or our sister suddenly realizes she can’t read the menu…”Here.  Use mine.”  Really.

I prefer being able to see clearly than fuzzy truth. I’m willing to submit to these nose-balancing accessories because clear is so important to me.  I just re-read that, and it’s such a good reminder for me.

Lately in my life, I haven’t been wearing my readers enough.  I seem to have misplaced them, despite the fact that I have zillions of them. Clear seems cloudy, or at least hazy these days, and that’s not enough.

Yesterday, I had a totally relaxing, incredible day all to myself – perfect sunshine, lovely warmth, leisurely hours.  Those glasses got on my face, and I took time for me.  Prayer, reading, thinking, writing.

Everything is getting clearer. Thank you, God.

1 thought on “Clarity”

  1. I stopped wearing contacts and gave into permanent glasses this year, and now I want to go back. Sigh.

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