Warning: Shallow post ahead :-)

A friend told me today that she was noticing wrinkles on my neck, because I’m dropping some weight.

I don’t want wrinkles, but I do want to drop a few pounds.  But wrinkles on my NECK???  Oh dear.  Oh dear oh dear oh dear.  Either that or I’m going to laugh. Real life is just so real, and so weird.

I’m so middle life now.  My daughter is 20, my son nearly 23.  I long ago started attending weddings of grown-up people who just yesterday were babies playing with my babies.  I’ve  been to a number of baby showers, too, where my friends are the grandmas, and their daughters are the new mommies.  Oh my.  By the way, I think middle-aged women say things like “Oh dear”, and “Oh my”.  Yep, I qualify.  I’m definitely in the club.

Last night I tried on a dress that I plan to wear to an upcoming wedding of one of these babies.  It is NOT a middle-life dress.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not going to embarrass myself nor anyone else, but for those of you who recall my daughter’s comment re “I give up” clothes  (earlier post), this dress does not belong in that category.  Let’s put it this way, I really like this dress.  It’s pretty, it’s perfect for evening, and losing the pounds I’ve lost will look good in this particular dress.  That makes me happy.

I yield to 51.  I really accept most everything, and even like lots of it.  There is wisdom, there is patience, there is less demanding of others, more forgiveness, increased longing for God, less reliance on the HERE,  but the challenge to walk graciously through mid-life as a single woman does not mean that all of the fun, feminine things we like to do go away.  I still like all that.  I do!

Remember, I’ve mentioned the disability.  I no longer wear fancy high heeled shoes. I grieved that (not an exxageration) and have moved on. Some of my friends say when they crossed 40, they quit wearing them, too, so I’m in good company, I guess:-)  I just still love dressing up, putting on a pretty dress, special earrings and shoes, even if they are flat now.

For all of us middle life women, there’s still lots of girl left in us.  That makes me happy, too.

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