I’m tired this morning.  I was out later than I usually am, because I was at the theater last night with a friend.

The Cumming Playhouse in Cumming,  Georgia presents many incredible community theater productions, but each year in the spring, does something particularly amazing. They put on a production – all music, dancing, and fun – and all performers, all performers, must be 55 and older.  Because I have two of my best friends in this production, the first year I was invited to see this, I went politely.  It’s called “The Senior Follies”, so I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic.

Last night’s production was my third year in a row, and I wouldn’t dream of missing it.  Being polite has given way to wild enthusiasm.

If there was ever a group of inspirational people, this is it.  Singing and dancing, when you are in the best of shape in a young, fit body would be challenging enough, but to do so as a 55+ performer?  Flat out amazing.

Being on-stage at 55 is a snapshot of intentional living. In recent years I’ve become increasingly intentional myself, so maybe I’m quicker to recognize it in others. when I see it.

Intentionality, for me,doesn’t have me on a stage singing, but has most recently looked  like taking a job that stretches my abilities, being part of a book club so that I will take the time to read and nourish that love, dating again and being willing to open my life to someone special, and having the courage to finally blog.  My list is big intentional living to me.

You know that feeling of slight apprehension?  No, rather slight excitement?

That’s how I feel when I know I’m doing something challenging, and with my full intentional attention.  I really like how that feels.

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