Just Joking

Witty banter is one of my favorite things, because it involves intellect, humor, vocabulary and thinking on your feet.  I haven’t found many people that do it well, but when I find someone who does. I like to jump in.

Sarcasm used to be really appealing as well.  Probably because I did it naturally. If I tell the absolute truth, I still do.

I’ve been thinking lately about why sarcasm is losing  its funny-factor for me.  At some point, sarcastic comments, from me (not from others, mind you), started becoming a back-handed way of being unkind.  I could observe something or someone, say something witty and off the cuff, then say, oh “I’m just kidding”.

It’s become a personal goal to pursue humor that isn’t hurtful, and it’s pretty hard to do.  Because humor is used so often to deflect tragedy, hurt feelings, and embarrassment, it’s pretty ingrained in our culture to wisecrack to take the focus off ourselves. And it works, but not for very long.  Ultimately , people see through the sarcasm.  In the end, I just shine the spotlight on my own insecurities.  Ewwww.

In general, I’m trying to live less painfully.  I’m trying to be hurt less, of course, because that’s no fun at all, but I’m really working at trying to hurt others less also. I do not want to make fun at your expense, if I can help it.

It would be great if you could help me on my journey.  This one isn’t easy, because I naturally lean the sarcastic direction.  Even I laugh at the remarks I make.  Sick.  If you see me tilting that way, push me upright, won’t you?

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