Managing Perceptions

If personal transparency is a goal, trying to manage how you see me doesn’t fit.

Better said, because revealing who I really am is how I really want to live, trying to control what I look like to you can’t be part of the equation.  Not just because it’s silly, but because it doesn’t work!

The world is filled with people trying to be who we aren’t. We try to find value in what we wear, where we live, where our children go to college, or what we drive.  If I’m thin enough, well spoken enough, rich enough, well-traveled, or just have the “right” husband or wife on my arm, maybe I’ll be good enough.

I got tired of the Enough Game a good long time ago, when I lost some things that I thought I HAD to have to be “enough”.  Big Discovery.  I would never ever be enough, but God is.  It really got that simple for me, and when it did, the game for more and more and more just lost its appeal.  Really dear friends, the love and closeness of my family, a church family I love, satisfying work, and a future that I had faith in God to handle  was the enough for me. What a revelation.

And it’s funny how being comfortable with yourself seems to put others at ease.  If I’m not competing with you, then you don’t have to compete with me.  Everybody gets to relax.

Prologue: The things that I lost are still missing, but I’m not looking for them anymore.  I’m good, thanks:-)

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