I was fast.  Fast at everything.

First to finish the test, first to find what we were looking for, first to figure it out, first with all the answers.

Being fast is closely knit with impatience.  They just might be twins.

If I was fast and you were slow, then I had to wait for you, and that was frustrating for me.  I didn’t like feeling frustrated.

And then, as one of my dearest friends says ” You got hit by a bus”.

That’s sort of an inside joke. You know, have everything in order just in case you get hit by a bus?  Well, we think it’s funny…

What is funny, or rather not at all funny, by being “hit by a bus”, is that you have this forced realization that you do not control your life.  Everything changed in one blink, and I’ve had the opportunity of my lifetime.

There is a saying that I think is thoroughly true:  You do not develop character through difficult circumstances.  Your character is revealed in those times. Oh boy did I ever find out what I was made of, and I am not displeased.

I believe what I say I believe,   that God is good and loving, even when circumstances look dark and I can’t see the good today. That faith carries me.  That I am made of pretty strong stuff and can handle lots of hard things. That I am capable of change. That I am indeed teachable and can learn a new way of living , with grace. That how I look on the outside is not as important as how I am on the inside. And that going slower is not only incredible, but preferable, and that there is so much to notice with a slower gait.

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