Real Risk

This has been a risk…this whole awestruckwonder thing, I’m in about two months now, and I’m realizing how risky this actually is.

Some people blog about recipes, others on gardening, still others on design, music, art, wine, travel, even electronics or deep sea fishing.  Me?  I’m blogging on me.  How truly interesting can that be, really?

Part of the reason this feels risky is because I have no idea who reads it. There is a big element of ‘That’s pretty scary’ to that.  I mean, seriously, what will you think of me?  Another reason this feels risky is because I’m publishing what I truly think and feel.  We don’t generally say what we truly think OR feel, particularly not publicly. And, then, there’s the underlying fear that no one cares what I think , and that blogging is really an exercise in vanity. Ahhh…self-esteem issues are so lovely, aren’t they?

The very reasons that blogging feels risky is exactly why I’m doing it…those reasons, plus that the urge to write will not quiet until I write. That is simply unexplainable.  Sorry :-)

I have determined to live an unafraid life.  That means doing things that feel scary. To say what I think. To assume my own value and the value of others, and to know that my thoughts may interest some, even if not everyone.

So far, so good.  to coin a phrase…No risk?  No reward.

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