That Whisper

I think that deception is more than just outright, deliberate lying. It can be omitting the entire truth, and it can be intentionally or unintentionally  misleading someone.

There is a familiar Whisper that I know quite well.  It’s a gut thing, a heart thing, an inner thing that serves me well if I listen.  After years of living life as an adult woman, you would think I would have learned to always listen.

The thing is, when we want things the way we want them,  we sometimes just aren’t willing to see what’s right in front of us. I guess it’s still possible for me to be duped, and because I hate that so much, I am slow to see deception.

Is it a character weakness or a strength to generally believe the best in people? But that’s not the real question.  I can believe the best in people, and still have  my instincts tell me that something isn’t right.  The real question is whether I’ll listen when that happens.

The good news is that I’ve made real progress here.  Even if I’m not as quick to listen as I want to be, I’m faster than I was, and less likely to stick with a situation where deception has free reign.

That Whisper?  Learning, little by little by little, to listen.

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