Are there voices when you hear them that just soothe you?  Get on your last nerve? Motivate you?  Inspire you?

For me, it’s all of the above.

In the Soothe Me category….my sisters, always (but they fall into the other categories, too :-)). My dad’s voice has a quality that is tender, and predictable somehow.  I have always liked the way he says my name. And I have a friend from home, whose son and my son are nearly exactly the same age.  We have experienced nearly an identical life experience.  When I hear her voice, something in me just calms down.

Motivating voices?  Colleagues that I admire, who are also the dearest of friends. My pastor at church, whom I depend on for wisdom and leadership.  He motivates me to live deeply and free.  My mom, whose devotion to her family is fierce and loving, and who has always been a friend on this road of mothering.

Inspirational voices I hear in people I know and in people I’ve never met.  Authors I love, who spur my heart on to greater still.   Ann Voskamp, Max Lucado, Charles Spurgeon, CS Lewis. John Piper, my pastor from home, whose voice I hear on a CD or over the internet, and I am profoundly stirred.  Voices in song, who inspire me to sing.

Get on my Last Nerve voices are probably best left to myself, although I will say dogs barking at a thunderstorm at 3AM qualifies.  Love those babies.  The angry middle of the night barking?  Not so much.

I wonder what my voice sounds like to those I love. I wonder about which categories my voice falls in.

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