An eXercise in seeing myself clearly

I am increasingly aware of my place in the universe.

My whole life, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been accumulating experiences  that have made me feel tiny.  If you hang on here, I’ll explain.  It’s a good thing.

It’s that feeling of walking in the woods in the Colorado mountains, hearing the breeze make it’s way through the silvery treetops, and you realize that it’s just you experiencing the moment, the cool on your face, the crunch beneath your feet, and your breath just catches in your throat.

The absolute second after my son was born, as I watched him breathe,and tried to breathe myself,  I had this feeling of oneness with mothers through the centuries.  A sense of understanding.  We all had done this amazing thing…so unique, yet so shared.

The edge where the sand meets the ocean? There, too.  Especially there. Especially when the day is done or new, and the moment is quiet. Nowhere else do I feel it more. My heart has actually welled up and overwhelmed me at this edge, like I can’t possibly contain what I feel.  It’s so big.

I am small. God is vast.

“Who am I that Thou art mindful of me?”

You bend low.  You give.  I take. I worship.

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