You Alone Are God and I surrender to Your ways.

For no one else in history is like You.

For history itself belongs to You.

It’s all about You,  Jesus. It’s not about me, as if You should do things my way.

So what has blogging through the ABCs done for me?  That’s a very good question…one that I didn’t know the answer to as I began.  But here I am, and tomorrow is Z.

After a bit of blogging, one begins to worry less, and say more.  I’ve noticed that I’m more willing to “surrender to God’s ways”.  They definitely don’t feel like my ways.  That’s because my ways AREN’T His ways.  God’s position?  Taken.

I’ve also become aware of the blogging community – vast, insightful, challenging, varied.  Really cool people with lots of thoughts floating around:-)  Love that.

My love of writing has been increasingly solidified.  I really do love it.  Thought I did, and I do!  How can just one  woman in Georgia have so much to say?  Really.  That amuses me.

Blogging, and writing, is a discipline.  Even just writing one little ditty at a time requires commitment. I wanted to do this for a really long time.  And here we are.

Lastly, at least to post here, this has been about diving off a cliff, at least a little.  No one crashed, no one died, but still…pretty threatening.  Like being a turtle on your back. At the very least, uncomfortable.

Getting used to You getting me in places where I’m not comfortable.

So THAT was it!!!

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