Wild Weather and whiney dogs

As the trees bent nearly to the ground last night, with the wind whipping and the skies threatening,  I was one with the sofa, my pillow and an especially cozy comforter.

One would think that one’s lap dogs would climb up and want to be cozy as well.  Not at my house.

“Doggy Do” and “Doggy Don’t” made their feelings known instead by racing in circles on the main floor of my house, chasing after each other for what seemed like forever. I thought that was the end of it, but no…then they howled.  At the wind.  At the lights flashing.  At the constant alerts on the television.  In harmony with the sirens.  They are such good singers :-)  Not.

When I saw the devastation from tornadoes all around us this morning on the news, I realized  how fortunate I was and my heart aches for those who are suffering. Precious lives were lost, families torn apart, businesses destroyed, communities gone.  I am sure that somewhere out there, little pets were lost, too.

I looked at the two I have as I left for work, patted their little heads, and was grateful.  Grateful for their little wagging tails, so reliable, whether I’ve been gone a week, or have just returned from the mailbox.  Grateful for doggy “kisses” that remind me that these little lives depend on me.  Grateful that most of the time, their presence in my life makes me laugh.  Grateful that today I am not out looking for them through tornado-created rubble, and reminded to pray for those who are doing just that.

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