No more Legos

This was what I wanted for all those years.  No more stepping on legos, no more smeared peanut butter,  no more toothpaste without the cap or wet towels on an un-made bed.

Eventually, all that happens.

I am in the land of Eventually.

I haven’t seen a lego in years, and absolutely no one smears any peanut butter anywhere.  Occasionally, I admit that I forget about the cap on the toothpaste, but wet towels on an un-made bed??  Never.  Not ever.

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of spending time with my mom and dad, as well as one of my sisters,  in town for a visit.  My mom explained that huge smile on her face to several of their friends, :”I’m just so happy when my girls are around.  So happy!

All of a sudden, I really missed my kids.  Not the kind of miss where I can’t call them, because I can.  They are a phone call away, and I know that.

No, this was the kind of miss that you can’t get back.  The miss of them as little toddlers, holding my hand as we crossed the street, or squealing with excitement because they heard the jingle of the ice cream truck.  The miss of climbing up in my lap before nap-time to hear a story, or asking me if I would sit by them to watch a cartoon or play a game.

I wish, just one more time, that I could hear one of them calling to me in the middle of the night, and as I hurried down the hall to them, realized a lego was stuck to the bottom of my foot.

1 thought on “No more Legos”

  1. Yes – Susan! I’m still in the Lego-strewn phase of life. I keep a mental list of all the things that will one day be memories (plastic animals STILL in the bathtub – when I’m showering, crayons in the silverware drawer, no pens/pencils to be found when I just bought a whole pack, always (seemingly always) needing more milk, empty cereal boxes (in the cupboard instead of in the garbage, jammed staplers, etc., etc.). Thanks for the reminder! These kids and all their stuff will one day be gone! Or at least some where else…

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