Maybe it is that funny

Some of what I do strikes others…my sisters and several girlfriends, in particular…as hilarious.  ONE of them calls at regular intervals just to find out what is new in the drama of my life.  Truly.  She does this. Others call less frequently, but are no less interested.

I do not think that my goings on are all that intriguing, but I’ll admit that I appreciate the attention.  When one gets to be mid-life, how much of what we do is fascinating, worthy of phone calls and commentary?  Seriously.

It’s all because I’m dating again, and they are just enthralled with the whole deal!  Who is who, Who went where with me, and am I going to see Who again?  What did Who and you talk about?  Does Who have a job?  How long has Who been single?  How long was Who married? What did you think of Who?

It’s like a parade, a virtual buffet of dating information! Multiply it by the possibility of engaging in conversations with more than one “prospect”, and one might need a spreadsheet. So I guess it is kind of hilarious.

The thing is, it takes such courage to go out and do this…post marriage, post raising children, post life experiences that have a way of convincing us that we just aren’t dating material any more.

I’ve discovered a very few things along the way: The way to do it is just breathe deep and jump.  Keep your head, heart and wits about you and  dive.

Oh, and answer the phone.

1 thought on “Maybe it is that funny”

  1. Dating is scary, however everything in life has risk!!However, we must walk by Faith, Not by sight!!!Know that “He” knows what and Who we Need!! Relax, Trust, and enjoy the Journey!!

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