Starbucks on a Saturday morning

The hunger for community, in 2011, is right here on Saturdays. Starbucks is genius.

Of course, it isn’t just Saturdays, but on a hot summery June Saturday, the quest for community is incredibly evident.

As I sat down with my laptop, ready for blogging time to myself, the man next to me on HIS laptop, looked up and said a friendly hello, commenting on the unusually hot weather Georgia is having these days.

There are people in line, waiting to order, talking to each other as they wait. There is quiet laughter in the air and the sound of a jazz CD playing overhead. Three young men in the corner easy chairs are studying something together. They look very earnest, seriously debating something I can’t quite make out. But then again, I’m not supposed to be evesdropping. I’m supposed to be blogging.

This is the alternative equivalent to the corner bar, or maybe the front porch. Here, it’s ok, even expected to smile at a stranger, comment on a book they are carrying, or ask a friendly question.

The young guys in the corner have just gotten out Bibles. One of them is reading a passage to the other two.

Here at Starbucks, you can be who you are. How awesome is that?

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