It Makes ALL the Difference

Imagine having the perspective that God is for us.  FOR you.  For your good. Always.  Wouldn’t that make a remarkable difference in how you felt about your life?

It has made that remarkable difference for me in my life.  I know that I have not been forsaken.,abandoned.,discarded. or forgotten.  Despite my very real and present frailties, the God of the universe and of my heart is present and reminds me who He is and whose I am

That is especially comforting to me when I am facing the unknown.  Going somewhere unfamiliar (or maybe familiar and I didn’t like it the last time I was there!).

Last evening I heard someone say something that struck me.  She was saying that life is sometimes like having emergency surgery.  We need whatever is happening in our lives at that moment (like emergency surgery), but we can’t see exactly why.  We can’t see down the road…what will face us around the corner that will require the strength or wisdom gleaned from today’s experience.

Knowing that God is constant, faithful, and for my good is what I count on in those moments of uncertainty. Past experience teaches me that counting on His constant goodness is never, ever wrong.

I may forget God, but He never forsakes me.

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