In 2001, I was in Rome, wandering about at the Vatican and around the city…the year of the four holy doors, which I gladly but without any understanding, went through. That’s me.  I love life, and I often aimlessly wander.  Nothing wrong with wandering.  As a matter of fact, I go slower these days, and thus wandering has taken on an even slower pace!

Those doors…I’ve thought about those doors from time to time over the years.  No keys were required.  Those doors were open.  Didn’t even have to knock.  Could just go on through, and a special blessing was to follow. Don’t know about that.  As I said, I didn’t understand the Four Doors significance.

But I do have doors in my life.  Lots of them.  Every day.  Some are open  Others are not. Some are for going right on through.  Others are not.  Some have a blessing that follows.  Others clearly do not.

I could write forever on this.  I have come to my senses and realized that this is possibly of more significance to me than to the reader:-)

Suffice it that I am learning that just because a door is beautiful, inviting, and even the perfect color, that door may not be for me.  It may even be that a door is my dream, and I have looked for the key to open it for ever, but to let it go unopened is sometimes the best and right thing…even when walking away is hard.

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