This post isn’t profound, rather it’s just musing,  Just want you to know ahead of time :-)

We wish happy birthdays to someone, which just means bestowing a blessing of sorts.

We wish traffic would clear in front of us, which might mean expressing frustration or sort of a prayer.

We wish we could eat dessert before dinner, which really is mostly about coloring outside the lines.  I for one, think dessert before dinner is a fine idea…once in awhile :-)

Lately, though, I’ve been realizing that I spend too much time in the non-present.  That would be either the past or the future. When I do that, I usually prefer slipping into the past, probably because I’m most comfortable there.

Things aren’t all that great in the past.  No one’s past is perfect, but at least we know what’s there, so we go back, trying in vain to re-do what we messed up mostly.  What a ridiculous exercise.

We no more can re-write our past than we can pen the future.  It is what it was, and it will be what it will be. “Living in the present” seems like an over-used phrase and a misunderstood practice, at least for me.

Shania Twain’s new release “Today is Your Day” is  catchy and although every line doesn’t resonate with me, it’s all about living today, no matter what.  Focusing on today’s minute, today’s gift, today’s breath. And  I think that is what God wants us to do, forgetting what lies behind and just press on.

So tomorrow, today will be gone forever.  I’m going to embrace today, the best I can.  Do my best, be my best, enjoy breathing, living, working, loving. learning, trying.  Trying is good.

Sometimes all it’s about is waking up and doing today.

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