In Process Still

If my entire self worth came from one place, yesterday might have put a chink in my armor.   If.

My self worth does come from One Source, but not from one place

I thought about that yesterday when I heard evaluation from someone I love and admire beyond measure. I value what this person thinks and I love this person as a friend.

I had a number of realizations during a conversation with her that may help others, so I’ll be the turtle on my back here.  Self exposure is easier with time, believe me…

I’ve wasted my time. In succession and sporadically.

I’ve been resistant to change, change that would serve me and others well.

I have talents and insights that are valuable. It’s on me to share those.

Being devoted to my way is sometimes leadership but sometimes it’s just being stubborn.

God made me His way, to His and for His delight.  I am not broken.

2 thoughts on “In Process Still”

  1. Susan — your last sentence hit home to me — “I am not broken.”
    I feel so broken sometimes, but you’re right. “God made me His way, to His and for His delight.”
    You touched me this morning. Thank you.

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