Behind my back

Despite tales to the contrary, I do not have eyes in the back of my head.  My children will be so confused with this admission.

When it came to their antics, I think God just gave me extraordinary hearing. Now that they are grown, that heightened auditory ability seems to have waned. That’s good.  I think that’s good.

The ability to hear what others are saying, with the aforementioned exception, has never been very developed in me. I am quite grateful for this lack.

Not being tuned in to that ‘frequency’ means that I spend almost no time fretting over what you are saying about me, let alone what you might be thinking. It’s hard enough to make wise decisions for myself, made MUCH harder if I am overly concerned with how you might do things.

Because we are all unique, I realize that my life will look different than yours.  My decisions may be markedly different than what you would do in the same situation. But, when glancing my way, be assured that my ears ARE heightened in sensitivity to God. They are listening better and better as the years go by, and of utmost importance to me is that I have His leading in my life.

Someone told me one time that it would be astonishing if we really knew how little other people really think about us.  I sort of hope that is true:-)  If it is, it’s freeing.

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