But why Twitter??

My dad is 82 and he cannot distinguish between Facebook, Twitter and blogging. In a way, he is right. The lines between them are kind of blurry.

I found myself explaining, again, how these things work, and realized, AGAIN, that this is a paradigm that will not be understood by his generation. Note that I said “will not”. I did not say “cannot”.

People that are 82 lived, worked, enjoyed, married, went to war, and raised their families, all without Social Media.

The questions my dad keeps asking aren’t the technical how-to questions, rather the why questions. Why would someone want to Twitter what they are doing? Why would anyone care? Why would you blog about what you think, your private thoughts? Isn’t that like a private diary? Why would you want to have other people read that? We waited weeks to get news during WWII. Why does everyone want to have so MUCH instant news all at once? It’s overwhelming, isn’t it?

I happen to have parents who have transitioned into this brave new culture of instant and personal, technological and overwhelming quite well. They email, check their investments, shop online, make travel reservations and organize digital photos with relative ease. So it isn’t that they don’t appreciate technology advancing. It’s just…

that it’s so nice to speak in person. Hand write a note. Talk on the phone. Shake a hand. Wait for the mailman.

Civilities gone by. Not gone. They live at my parent’s house.

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