Coffee cups and being quirky

I’m not exactly a COLLECTOR; more like a snob.  A coffee cup snob.  Wow.  That doesn’t look very nice in print:-)

I have a friend who spent time with her husband in England. While living there, they discovered Dunoon china mugs.  She introduced them to me.  So…I blame her:-)

Thin china, slender in design, lovely graphics of English countryside. You may not get it, but these are the cups I reach for every morning.  I have spent years looking for these, even asking friends and family to pick one up when they travel to England.  Not kidding.

If you know me well, you know that in my cupboard are just a whole bunch of Dunoon mugs.  It’s quirky, but it’s me.

I have other quirky-isms :-) We all do.

As far as things go, I really really like lamps, specifically that look of a warm house lit with lamps as night falls.  Love that.  Bookends are big for me, too, because of my deep and abiding appreciation for…books:-)  Overwhelming enthusiasm for jewelry.  That one doesn’t have ANY admirable association.  It’s just vanity.  Plain and simple.

Anything red draws my eye. Old barn wood?  Mmmm.  A picture frame made of old red barn wood?  That’s it.  I’m in love:-)

Non-things?  Well…long conversations about non-things. ANYTHING related to God. The sound of wind in silver birches in Minnesota in late September.  Dogs.  Are dogs things?  Surely not…

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