Without Expectations

A conversation without expectations.  Just a whatever…agenda-less…meandering…conversational stroll. “Meandering” is such a great word:-)  So is “stroll”, for that matter.

There are conversations that cannot meander. Certain conversations require preparation, planning, agendas, and expected results.  We know those, and we can’t not have them.

But the art of the talk, the trusted interchange, the in-the-moment exchange of thought, ideas, and heart is just so exquisite.  There is a balance that isn’t weighted in anyone’s favor. You speak, I listen. I speak while you listen.  I’m not planning while I listen.  I’m just listening.  An art that began with the discipline of laying aside my agenda.  I love when the discipline disappears and the art remains.

I’ve learned that Silence is part of this conversation. There might be something to say, but there  might be nothing at all.  It takes awhile to get ok with that silence, but with practice, one can reach ok.

Every so often, I need a one of these talks, and because I’ve learned to value this, I now have a small assortment of meanderers in my life.  I know who to call:-)  Unfortunately, one of the best of my wandering, agenda-less friends no longer lives close by, so we do our rambling by phone.  Still good, just sans coffee at Starbucks in an easy chair.

I think it’s worth a dare.  Yes, really.

Can you truly take part in a conversation with another person for longer than 3 minutes where you are NOT invested in the outcome?

Would love to know. because surprise endings are so amazing sometimes.

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