Clearing the Stage

Ross King’s song stung this morning.  Stung.  Like a bee sting or worse.  The kind of ouch that brings tears behind your eyes.  Except that it was behind mine.

I heard this song months ago when I was driving.  I nearly drove off the road.  It was THAT meaningful.

The message I heard was that I need to do whatever it takes to be able to hear, and that means clearing the clutter.  Taking a hard, brutal, crushing look at what’s on the stage in my life. What is in my way of real worship.  What am I putting in the way? What am I choosing to worship rather than the Authentic One?

I realize how little time  I put into waiting for God to whisper.  If I want my soul stirred, rocked and broken, then what must I exchange for the time it takes to beg for that…and wait.

It takes the humility of a beggar to beg.  That may be what I really need.

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