Oh…I have a headache today because it’s like 140 degrees outside.

Admission….slight exaggeration:-)  It isn’t really 140, but I do have a headache, and it IS hot.  Georgia in July is Georgia in July. Like none other.  It must be required or something to ripen peaches and whiten cotton.

I wear a sweater at work because it’s a fridge in my office.  The stark contrast of the 10 feet between me and the outside is hilarious.  I actually shiver. While i’m shivering, I have an intellectual understanding of the heat outside, but it’ hard to overcome teeth chattering:-)

At this time every year, I start getting pretty excited about seasons changing.  I know Fall is coming, and I start dreaming about things like pumpkins, cool nights, and coffee on the front porch when the morning is cool and I’m wearing slippers.  Honestly?  I even started Christmas shopping last week, which is truly the weirdest thing I’ve ever done related to Christmas shopping.  It feels really smart, but I’m never ever that smart.

The grass in my front yard is dead, the bushes need trimming, and my house needs painting, not to mention that the back yard has become some sort of wild…thing…forest.  But,  Fall is coming, and the humidity will not always frizz my hair:-)  This I know.

This Fall, when my hair has stopped curling, I’m going to paint my house.  I have faith that my grass will turn green again, and that the neighbor boy will trim the shrubs.

The forest in the back yard?  Nature preserve.

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