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There are two water partings in the Bible.  Most people know about #1, but not #2.

#1 was the Red Sea.  Egyptians chasing Israelites, who you’ll remember had escaped from Egypt…finally. The sea parted so the Israelites could safely cross, but the Egyptians could not.

#2 was many many many years later.  Relatives of the original Israelites, plus some of the original group, are  poised to take possession of the promised land.  As a matter of fact, they can see it, but there is water in the way.  Again.  This time it’s the River Jordan, at flood stage.  God instructs the leaders of the group to put their feet into the raging flood waters.  Really, it had to be at flood stage? Note to readers:  when they do, He will part the waters so they can cross.  

If I reallly want something, what am I willing to do to get it?   If I am absolutely, utterly convinced of God’s direction for my life, am I willing to do what is necessary to take possession it?  Flood waters?  Leaving where I live? Feeling chased?

I’ve known for awhile something quite personal that won’t be shared in blog-land.  I know it, my head knows it, my heart knows it.

I’m unwilling to settle for less than what I know is to be.  Because of that, I am willing to make hard decisions.  I am willing to get into the water, if that’s what it takes.

I want the promised land.

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