What You are doing…

got me thinking.

A dear friend lost her dad recently, which left her with a mountain of responsibilities and months of grief. Despite her resolute focus to get through these first days, I know that the two are intersecting. If I listen closely, I can hear it.  If I watch carefully, I can see it.  If I ask gently, I can observe it.

She is sifting through her dad’s physical possessions, making decisions as she goes.  I can’t help but think about that.

What would/will my children find of mine after I’m gone?  What will yours find of you?  What matters to me that they will find?

My clothes smell of the perfumes I love. I hope not overwhelmingly so.

My Bible is inked and highlighted.  The Word really matters to me.

Those endless journals…hopefully nothing new there.  My goal was to share while I’m with you, not to surprise you after I’m gone. Did you know your mom?  I pray you did.

Boxes of your childhood things, because what you did was of such importance to me.  Who you are is even more important.

Great Christmas things, especially ornaments.  Remember, ok?

Books,  Books.  Books.

Lots of handwritten recipes, many from grandma, Aunt Anne and Nana.  Keep those.  Too good to toss.

Probably shockingly disorganized files.  Sorry.  Wasn’t good at everything :-)

I don’t find this morbid, just thoughtful.


My heart goes out to my friend.

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