I Have Been

thinking of you today.

In fact, my arms are around you.  Can you tell?

I’ve always loved you.  Well, almost always.  On those occasions when you are annoying, I dig deeper and love you more.  I can do that because I’ve seen you do it with me.  That’s what we are sometimes…mutually irritating :-)

I love so many things about you.  You tell me hard truths.  When you smile, it’s from as deep as your toes.  Your eyes are deep.  So is your soul.  You challenge me. I cannot possibly be arrogant around you, and I love that.  You also make me laugh – sometimes like crazy hard laughing. Because of you, my world is not small and slim.  It’s wide and painful and possible. You don’t make it a debt but a gift.  How awesome are you??

When I think about you, I feel graced.   That’s it exactly, and I could never say it enough.

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