Known is a far easier door than Unknown.

Usually we are asked to walk through Unknown.  It would seem to me, then, that we get would used to that door.  I have not gotten used to it.  I’ve walked through it more than once, for myself as well as with those I love, and I still wish there was another way.

Unknown is on my menu this week.  I am feeling all of the emotions that accompany this doorway.  Uncertain, a little scared, but determined.

Years ago I read Hinds Feet on High Places, by Hannah Hurnard.  The heroine, Much Afraid, accompanied by companions Sorrow and Suffering, must develop hinds feet in order to access the high places.  Much Afraid confronts her fears, over and over, as she makes her way through unknown territory. She teeters on the edges of mountain passes, totally unsure of her footing, she walks haltingly through mist-shrouded valleys, entirely unable to see even a step in front of her…all the while making her way with these two ‘miserable’ fellow travelers.  The Chief Shepherd in the story keeps urging her on, to make her way to the high places…and eventually she does, thankful for the experiences, and even her companions,  that helped her develop the feet that she had to have to make the climb.

That book came to mind this morning, as I was thinking about this week.

Unknown is only unknown to me.  Unknown is entirely known to God.

Even the darkness is light to Him

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