In the Moment

Taking time to consider.  Carefully thinking through.  Quietly reflecting and letting things settle before reacting.

These have not always come naturally to me, so I am cultivating new behavior.  Purposefully and intentionally thinking before acting.  Stopping.  Just stopping to pause and consider before I say something,    do something   or even develop an opinion about something or someone.

The reason this is intentional , and occasionally difficult, I might add, is because it is my nature to be quick.   Quick to speak, VERY quick to have my thought together, and far too quick to form my opinion.

The pause…the moment…whether an hour, a day, or just a breath in and out is a gift of perspective that I give myself.

In the ongoing battle against impulsiveness, I’m reaching my own mile markers of  growth, although this new behavior can easily be misunderstood.  For someone who has always been first with her thoughts, the notion of saying “Let me think about that” is a daunting response to some in my life. It’s probably downright unnerving! Yet, I’m utterly convinced that a thoughtful response, even when the response is one that is exactly what you would have expected from me, is better given, and more gently received than my old delivery.

The added benefit is that I know that every thought that occurs to me doesn’t get spoken.


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