Can it be???

This is # 76, which truly blows my mind.

At #1,  I had no idea where this was going.  I did know that I couldn’t put this off any longer.  I had to put into words publicly what my heart felt.  My fingers sort of had restless leg syndrome. That’s it.  The absolute sum total of my lofty intentions.  Not so impressive, is it.

Just a nudge…a desire that blooms into something you love. It’s a very weird thing, frankly. A thing you cannot ignore.  Cannot.

And although I still am utterly convinced that I ramble, because I do go back and re-read my posts from time to time, the glory is that I think I see what my heart longs for.  Lifting God up.  Not that He needs any help.

Today, #76 is being produced in a nearly exact replica of many of the other ones.  Earphones in, corner cushy chair at Starbucks in the early morning, listening to Audrey Assad.  Sometimes when I write, I am tearful, as I am today.  Other times, it’s shivery with gratefulness or anticipation.  Whatever.   A mere glimpse into motivational blogging.

Today, Audrey is singing her rendition of an old song “Sparrow“. New eyes in me get this in a whole new way.  Love that:-)

I sing because I’m happy

I sing because I’m free

For His eye is on the sparrow

and I know He’s watching me.

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