All I’ve come to Be

10 years and 7 months ago, I learned to walk for the second time.

I didn’t have to do it.  There certainly was an alternate choice, but I chose walking.

The memories of those days occasionally come flooding, or trickling,back.  God wasn’t looking the other way when my life changed.  He wasn’t MIA when I fell at my dad’s feet or when I stood, weeks later, tears dripping, willing my feet to remember what I could not remember…how to take one single step.

Today, I live with varying degrees of awkward.   It isn’t perfect, it isn’t precision.  It isn’t high heels.  Some incredible people in my life see the beauty.  Occasionally those people are even strangers.  They somehow just get it.

They see what I see.  God is good.  He heals as He wills to heal.  My heart walks with no limp.  I wanted graceful.  Instead I got Grace.

Kathryn Scott’s “Child of God“,  is a perfect song on this.

3 thoughts on “All I’ve come to Be”

  1. What an encouragement Susan. God is faithful and your walk with Him is what He values more than anything. While none of us have that walk down exactly perfect, yours is an example for many.
    God bless you and the “Kids” and keep running the race.

  2. I love this, Sue. I don’t know your whole story, but it is inspiring nonetheless. Blessings to you!

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