Big Enough?

I don’t have all the answers to my questions, nor to yours.  When my children were little, I remember wondering when they would ask me something I couldn’t answer, because I wouldn’t know.  It wasn’t long, quite honestly.  Those inquisitive little minds were always wondering, always asking, always looking, even when they quickly realized I wouldn’t be the one with resolution on everything that was puzzling or hurtful.

I think I might have done one thing ‘right’…hopefully more than one, but I did encourage the asking….just not of me. I can’t think of one single thing that I long for more than that my children would see God as big enough for them and what concerns them.

Crystal Yates sings it in MyBig Enough God (feat: Crystal Yates) by Jennie Lee Riddle“> Big Enough God

I come to Your throne 

Casting all of my cares 
At Mercy’s beautiful feet 
Where grace flows freely 
Salvation reigns and 
You meet every need 

My big enough God 
To You I gladly yield 
I trust You to carry 
All that I’ve held dear 
My big enough God 
Capable to heal 
Ready to deliver 
Waiting to reveal 
More of You 

I come to Your throne 
There’s no where else to run 
Your words are eternal life 
Your freedom is easy 
Your liberty abounds 
You make every burden light 

More of You 
Is most sufficient 
More of You 
Is all I desire 
More of You 
Makes everything different 
More of You 
Is all I require


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