Upside Down

I had chocolate cake for breakfast today…oh, and yesterday:-)

Not typically a morning eater, chocolate cake looked just fantastic and delicious.  I had no intention of resisting.  It was, by the way, both fantastic AND delicious.

Not to be overly dramatic, I think my life is getting to be less predictable.   I can sense that things are changing.

I uploaded some fall photography onto my I Phone the other day, as I’m a huge Autumn fan, and love that the promise of change is on the near horizon.

Being open to change is really a recent development for me.  I have historically preferred things just as they are.  Tipping the apple cart over would have been cause for great alarm in days gone by.  I recently noticed, however,  that apples are scattered about these days, and I’m excited rather than un-done.  Progress, not perfection.

Another great awareness is being grateful in the present and unafraid of the future. It’s true that I cannot live simultaneously in the present and the future, but I can be fully present today, thankful and joy-filled, anticipating with peace what tomorrow may bring.

This morning when I took the dogs outside, I caught the smell of fall in the air.

Change is coming.  It is.  It’s on its way. Happy:-)

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