A Duel at Dawn

Just when I make some grand pronouncement, or achieve a new mile marker of personal transition, inevitably my new-found achievement is challenged.  A duel at dawn.

Recently I blogged about peace in the future.  Of course I had to blog about it.  Naturally it had to be public.  I couldn’t just quietly experience peace or utter chaos in the privacy of my own circumstances:-) See, that’s the thing about blogging.  You are willing to be transparent, revealing the lovely and more often (in my case) the not-so-lovely.

I made this grand pronouncement about peace in the days to come, and then the days came.

The days are not peaceful.  The waters these days are ruffly, with occasional waves splashing quite unexpectedly over me…and the water is cold. I’m searching for peace that seems elusive.  I…almost…have …it…and then  I don’t.  Something is quite definitely not the way it is “supposed” to be.  I can’t fix this thing. I most definitely cannot.

Actually, I can’t fix anything. I may be many things, among them persuasive and determined, but ultimately God’s position is filled.

Think on that for a minute.  There’s peace right there.

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