Just to Know She’s There

2/4 of us are in town.  Soon it will be 3/4.  I never ever feel more complete than when I glance up and see the face or faces of my sisters.

As one made her way here yesterday, we talked several times on the phone. Our conversations are funny. Sisters have sister language.  A murmur, a phrase, an inside joke that elicits a laugh, or a shared heartbreak that makes words not even necessary. Why “talk” if you aren’t talking?  Just to know she’s there.

Another 1/4 arrives in a few days.  This one makes everyone around her feel safe and secure. I’m a little low on safe and secure, so that sounds good to me. This is the one who can use my nickname without reprisal. That is a special status.

I heard a quote recently: “Sisters are more than best friends”. I couldn’t agree more.

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