In the Right Order

Acceptance is supposed to precede action.  Although the order is Awareness, Acceptance, Action,  my M.O. is awareness and then a quick hop straight to action. Acceptance has been optional.

I just don’t like accepting things that aren’t my idea. I heard someone say that recently and agreed entirely.  Quite entirely:-)

The thing is, life just isn’t my idea. Things happen along the way that are far easier to act on than accept.  The very act of motion gives us the impression that we can influence outcomes…if not determine them completely.  A self-delusional notion for sure.

Frenetic movement does not change outcomes.  It does not block out sadness or loss or change.  It just makes me tired.

For me, accepting the things I cannot change means surrendering those things

into the Hands of the One who sees what I cannot see,

Who understands beyond the limits of my understanding, and

Who defines love in ways that I don’t yet know, but someday will.

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