White Flag Please

Today is a sad day.  Sad days make us want things to be different. Sad days create longing.  Sad days are teary ones.  Today has been a wet day.

I want answers now, but I wait.  I want to see clearly, but for now it’s dim.  I want to understand, but for now I live in patient confusion.

In the fight for faith, I know that blind eyes will see.  I know that liars will cease to speak. I know that hardest hearts will crumble into pieces and I know that knees will bend.

I really want to see sickness and death wave its white flag, but for now I just know it’s already done.  Accomplished.  And I didn’t do it.  I had nothing to do with it, but I live in that Victory.  Reminding myself of that is enough for today.

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