New Normal

I agree.  But I don’t like it.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  I spent today getting ready to have the “new normal” shift.  The festivities will be at my house this year

Much will be exactly the same.  Same family.  Same holiday. Same traditional dishes. There is comfort in same.

But Some things will be different. A new, important person at the table, and in my life. A couple of twists on traditional dishes (it is my house, after all!). Most importantly, an extremely empty place in our hearts this year.

We miss you, dad. We think of you all the time, often with laughter and smiles, but just as often with tears.  Tomorrow will be hard and painful without you, but we are doing it. We will return thanks.

The new Thanksgiving normal started when we remembered that we are thankful.

Thankful for what we have.  Thankful for what we have lost.  Thankful for the ways that people we love have poured into our lives and for opportunities to love others.  Thankful for the gift of memory.  What an amazing blessing.

We will remember you tomorrow, dad. With thankful hearts.

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