And Now is right on time

“Our journey has molded us for our greater good, and it’s exactly what it needed to be.  Don’t think you’ve lost time.  It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the Now.  And Now is right on time.”

I have several personal ‘mantras’, for lack of a better word.  My favorite one   is  “For my good and God’s glory”, but I have others that I use frequently, either in my head or aloud.  “Failure is never final“, “The only way out is through” , and this one: “It often looks like the Hero will be too late”.  ALL of these show my heart, and how I think.  They are common to one another, and they all refer to the journey.

I recently saw this Journey quote, and realized how much of it reflects what I believe.

Every situation in my life has contributed to today.  There are some amazingly abundant situations that leap to mind.  There are desperately painful situations that are there also.  Every now and again, I review the menu of those times, good and bad.  Usually it’s when I am browsing through old journals, and I’ll read through those lovely or desperate days.  My perspective changes with the passing of time, so I’ll occasionally see something new in those memories.  Review is good, if there is something new to learn.

I love the concept of “Now is right on time”.   It’s tempting to think that it isn’t.  It’s late, it’s early, it’s intrusive, or it’s upside down. God is always spot on, and exactly on time.  The verse in Lamentations 3:23  that assures us that God’s mercies are new every morning gives me great comfort.  I get today’s mercies for today’s issues.  Tomorrow’s mercies will be specific to tomorrow’s concerns.  We don’t get those mercies early, because we don’t need them until we need them.

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