I respond to you

In recent years, I have entirely changed my point of view…in one area.  That one area, however,  affects everything.  Every thing.

I am in control of one thing, and only one.  Me.

That means I am NOT in control of you, or anything YOU do or think or say.

Despite knowing that, I do know that I can influence you…my thinking or behavior can certainly impact you…and yours affects me.

Recently, I’ve had several experiences where I have been buoyed by the attitudes of others, and it got me thinking. Attitude is so important.  Mine is something I can change.  Yours is something that can impact me, and does…often.

My mom is struggling through cancer, and it isn’t easy. Her life is threatened, and the future is uncertain. ( It occurs to me that all of our futures are uncertain!). Nearly every day brings something new, and scary, to deal with.

As we walk through this with her, there are gifts.  Gifts of attitude. We have been laughing, for example.  She says incredibly funny things, and we dissolve into laughter.  Memory-making moments, for sure, shared between a mother and her daughters. Thank you, mom, for your graciousness.

I can’t change anyone’s attitude but mine.  Frustrating, but true!  But, my attitude can impact your day, your perspective, your view.  If we are willing to be changed, those around us can be buoyed and lifted up.

Today, I intend to live that out.  And tomorrow(s), I intend to remind myself again.

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