Sticking With It

There are so many opportunities.  Zillions of them. So many things to say yes or no to.  

Since not every opportunity is valuable, I am learning to assess.  Sift it through the screen of commitment, time, personal growth, service to others, and whether I am jumping in or being led.

And then, if it’s a go,  let my yes be yes.

My very first blog post was in March of 2011.  Today is my 100th post.

This has been quite a something for me.  Only other writers/bloggers will likely understand that, but it’s true.  One day I might have something to say, but what if that’s the end of it?  No more inspirations, no more urging to write?  I had all of those thoughts and more.  And of course the BIG one…what if no one cares at all about what I think?  That’s certainly a very real possibility.

But that wasn’t the point.  Not the point at all.

This was about trying.  Free falling.  Trusting. Listening.  This was(rather IS) about starting something and continuing, regardless of the “what ifs”.  And, for me it has been most about Transparency..  Pulling aside the blinds and letting you see in.  Scary because I’m not all put together, and occasionally the crumbs on the floor of my life get piled up.

Despite the chaos, God is so central for me.  Hope you got that if you have followed my postings.  God is everything to me…in my life, how I see yours, in my choices, in my relationships.

The best benefit by FAR in blogging has been the withering of fear.  This has been an important chance to stare down that enemy.  One of my mottos?  “Just do it afraid”.  Funny thing is :  As I did it afraid, fear scurried away.


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