Rediscover What Matters

Blog posts always start in my head.  I usually am writing them long before I type them and get them visible.  Often I write them while I’m driving.  It’s also often that they never make it out of my thought life…too revealing, too blunt, too manipulative…in the trash they go.

A blog post from me makes the cut when I’ve considered something for a time and it continues to be considered.  Then I know.  Blog about it.

There.  now you know my process:-)  Or at least, some of it.

What really matters has been on my heart for a while. I think, frankly, that I have a pretty good handle on the subject, yet it keeps coming up.  Apparently I have needed more consideration than I thought.

I’m reading a book by Ira Byock “The Four things that Matter Most”. My family, of course, is fleshing this out as we walk through what we are walking through. And then I saw a sign this weekend “Rediscover What Matters”.  Theme living, it would appear to be.

So what matters most these days, for me?

I have core things that matter most, obviously.  We all do.  But I’m thinking today about what matters todaythis day…these days.

So…I have never ever wanted a huge group of friends.  Not ever. Never had the longing for sororities, or a big group of people surrounding me. Not for me.  Far more appealing are friends that I really know, and who know me.  I can do cocktail parties, and network the room, but it’s never my first choice. Far more appealing is the investment of time…yours and mine.

When I consider my friends, what is common is that I truly know them.  Have taken the time to find out what matters to them, and they have done the same.  The interchange of hearts, thoughts, hopes, fears, joys…What matters to me is the exchange, and the safety of it.

Ira says these four things matter most:  “Please forgive me”, “I forgive you”, “Thank you”, and “I love you”.  Profound, and true. These things gain importance when saying goodbye, don’t they.  Nothing left unsaid.  That matters most to me these days, too.

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