I’ll Take Willing for $400

I would totally bomb out on Jeopardy.  I know it, and all of America would know it within seconds of me being a contestant.

It’s so upside down, isn’t it.  The answers are yours before you even know the question!  And they all seem so smart.  Over-achievers in Encyclopedia-land.

As the money adds up, and the competition heats up, the contestants faces get crazy-intense, and their clutch on the “buzzer” is like a death grip.

It’s probably just plain old envy.  Considering how infrequent it is that I have all the answers on anything,  I’m just jealous.  The truth hurts:-)

I was thinking about answers…and questions.  It seems as though I have both, just not always at the same time.  Sometimes, like lately, I’ll feel like I get a nudge, a direction, an arrow pointed at a particular path.  If I go with it, heeding God’s nudge, the reason is then revealed.

The results of following are usually surprising.  Laying aside expectations in favor of willingness is always for my good and God’s glory.

He will direct your paths

Who is God?

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